Runner-Ups at ACM India Awards for Best Student Chapter 2018, 2020 & 2021

Student Chapter Excellence Award for Outstanding Community Service 2020

From HoD's Desk

Prof.Dr. K Rajeswari

Dear Reader, greetings to you! The Vision of the Department is to be a Premier Hub in Computer Engineering. The faculties here exhibit good expertise in their respective domains to train the students according to the current market scenario and of course in the pandemic situations too! Online teaching with upGrad and BodhiTree at PCCOE has become a new norm of Teaching Learning and I am proud to have a dedicated Faculty team who greatly connects with Students in online mode too!! The goal is always to build a strong academic foundation, discipline, ethics, values, skill-building, personality development, understanding talent, stimulating creativity, strengthening alumni relations, and much more… The laurels the students have fetched by being Toppers in University ranking, publication in Research conferences and journals, Entrepreneurship initiatives, National and International recognition, getting admissions in renowned universities for higher studies ....all are appreciable!! The Department of Computer Engineering believes in the quote "The Heart of Education is the Education of the Heart" and hence this magazine will be an added platform for students to mold themselves personally and professionally to make them think HOW TO THINK and not on WHAT TO THINK.

From SDW Co-ordinator's Desk

Prof. Rahul Patil

The Student Development Welfare (SDW) cell aims to work for overall student development. This is a good example of faculty and student dedication to facilitating the overall development and growth of students. The main objective of the SDW cell is to work for Students Development and Welfare inline with our Department Vision & Mission. The students' welfare is achieved through Student Development activities under different cells of SDW. The cell motivates the students to organize, conduct, and participate in different activities that will leave an impact on society at large. With this motivation students always try to upgrade their skills under the guidance of faculty members, also they strive for getting recognition at national and international levels. The active professional bodies that contribute to overall student development are ACM and ACM-W. I am overwhelmed to see various technical as well as non-technical programs organized under SDW during this current pandemic also.

From CESA Co-ordinator's Desk

Prof. Ganesh Deshmukh

Computer Engineering Student Association's shibboleth is “Association of students for students and by students” which amplifies students as major stakeholders wherein the student body contributes to the overall development of students personally and professionally. Team CESA organizes various events that tend to mould the student growth which makes them sound academically and professionally. I feel privileged to say that since its inception all the teams were enthusiastic including the current one which resulted in winning laurels at the national and international level.

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