Reader’s Club

Reader’s club, started under CESA from the year 2015-16 , motivates students to read more and more books. It avails over 167 non-technical books by considering a variety of interests like fiction books, historical books, patriotic books, religious books etc. Some of the English books include ‘Mahashweta’, ‘The Diary of a Young Girl (Anne Frank)’, ‘India 2020’, ‘Pride and Prejudice’ etc and Marathi books include famous historical books like ‘Chhava’, ‘Shrimaan Yogi’, and patriotic books like ‘Kale Paani’ .

Reader’s Club also includes about 35 MPSC/UPSC books to motivate students for higher education. These books provide students with all require material for appearing for MPSC/UPSC exams.

The ultimate goal of this club is to develop responsible Leaders! And hence the moto,

Today a Reader, Tomorrow a Leader!

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