Higher Studies Cell

Higher Studies Cell apprises students about the way of preparation for entrance exams like GRE,GATE, CAT, UPSC,etc.

Cell guides the students about the way of preparation for entrance exams through various seminars.

Seminars are conducted so that students should be aware about the importance of Higher Education.

Various streams require various kind of Entrance exam.

Being a Higher Educated candidate is equivalent to adding a golden feather in the cap of the students.




On 19th August 2015, a seminar for guidance of entrance exams like GRE, CAT was conducted under Higher Studies Cell. The speaker for the seminar was Mr. Anvesh sir. Mr. Anvesh sir is Director of IMS Academy and has completed his Master degree in Mathematics from IIT Bombay. Throughout the session, he guided the students for preparation of GRE exam. He also discussed syllabus of GRE and about the various courses provided by the top universities throughout the world. Further, he also discussed about the entrance exam – CAT for completing masters in MBA, in India as well as abroad. Mr. Anvesh sir motivated all the students for opting higher studies after completing graduation. He guided everyone for choosing the best universities in one’s area of interest by giving an overview of the entrance exams and the possible opportunities. A question – answer session was also conducted after the seminar where students cleared their doubts. This session was very useful.



An eminent Speaker Mr. Manohar Bhole gave some Guidance for exam preparations for competitive exams like UPSC/MPSC. He started with giving examples on the attitude and approach while preparing for various competitive exams especially for UPSC/MPSC.

The tips are as follows:-

  1. Be confident.
  2. Have consistency.
  3. Be focused.

Then there was a detail discussion on how to study syllabus properly and analysis of question papers. He also focused on the facts that maintaining notes is of essence .

Notes for following subjects should be maintained compulsorily

  1. Economics
  2. Science and Technology.
  3. Polity

Regular study of some magazines like Lokrajya, Yojna and Kurukshetra should be done.

Regularly 2 newspapers should be studied thoroughly.