Eminent Speaker program-“Recent Trends In IT”

The ingenious speaker Mr. Jitendra Shelar, Senior Software Developer at CISCO.

He banged the minds of the students with the most exacting truth of the current scenario of the IT
world. He emphasized on the need of BIG DATA to manage the never ceasing production of data. His
prowess on HADOOP backed up his arguments. He buoyed up the students to pursue Cloud Computing and Fog Computing since these are the areas where the entire IT industry vestsĀ  its interests in.

He spoke in length about the most promising area of development i.e. Internet of Things(IOT). He
strengthened theĀ  thinking lines of the students by quoting that IOT would give the leverages to recast the face of this world. Overall, he provided a window to peek into the technologically advanced future.

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