Eminent Speaker programme-“Theory of Computation”

Under the platform of ACM, CESA had structured a Eminent Speaker Programme on the topic ‘Theory of Computation’ on 14th September 2015. The very acclaimed icon Mr. Vivek Kulkarni authored a book “Theory of Computation” authored by Oxford University Press. He beautifully portrayed theory of computation as the heart of Computer Science and how every[…]


Teachers’ Day

It is said that when Radhakrishnan became the President of India, his friends and students requested that they be allowed to celebrate his birthday. To this, Radhakrishnan replied, “Instead of celebrating my birthday, it would be my proud privilege if 5th September is observed as Teacher’s Day.” The Teacher’s day celebration was organized by CESA(Computer[…]


Digital India Week

“I dream of a digital India where access to information knows no barriers“. These words said by our very own Prime Minister inspired us to organize a “Poster and Slideshow Presentation Competition”on 13th July 2015. All the participants came up with amazing and innovative ideas to transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge[…]