Art Circle

  1. Art Circle club aims to exploring the talent of the students apart from academic-ability, and also focus on all around development of students.

  2. To bring out hidden talent of students.

  3. To give platform to the students to extra curricular activities.





Indian people hold great respect for their Gurus. The word itself holds immense importance and stature. A Guru in India is a worshipped individual whose knowledge and wisdom have enlighten us in the journey of life. The festival is celebrated by both Hindus and Buddhists. The significance of this day is that the Guru holds the most essential position in one’s life and to give him respect and honor people celebrate Guru Purnima.


The programme started with by seeking blessing of saraswati devi & the Dean academics Prof. Dr. J.S.Umale as well as the HOD Prof.Dr.K.Rajeswari of department paid homage to late Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam sir.

All Faculty members were respected with hand made greetings by the drawing team members and coconut as the token of love.


  • Chippy Kumar , Student Coordinator (Art Circle ) has introduced Art circle and objective of this club.
  • An article on “Importance of Guru Pournima” in marathi by Atmaja Sahasrabudhhe , Student Co-Cordinator (Art Circle ) and on “Teacher “ by Aishwarya Sureban.
  • Mrunal Shah and Samruddhi More sang a song “Tu Buddhi De “.
  • Chippy Kumar performed classical dance.
  • Act was performed by Suryapratap and team.
  • Finally a song by Kewal and Shubham and kajal.
  • The entire programme was hosted by Hiral Rawal.
  • The programme concluded by vote of thanks by the Faculty Co-ordinator of Art circle (Comp) Shailaja Pede Madam.



Art Circle organized Photography competition for all departments on the occasion of NATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY DAY.The competition was held on 19th August 2015,Wednesday .

The Topics for Photography were ::

  • FOOD

The participants were given time from 1pm to 5pm to click the pictures on the competition day.

Prizes were distributed on 5th September 2015.

A total of 25 students participated in the competition from all departments and for each topic one winner was announced.


  • ROSHAN GARDI (TEComp)        –     Women Empowerment.
  • OMKAR SONTAKKE (SEComp)  –    Freedom
  • ANIKET KODRE (SEComp)         –    Friendship
  • PUSHKRAJ MANE (SECivil)        –     Food




Art Circle Performed   a skit “Dishaye” on Teacher’s day   celebration.The theme of skit was Importance   of teacher in a student’s life.The skit included act, dance,poem and song.The dance and song were the part of annual day function in the skit.

The name of the skit was “Dishaye”(Direction).The main theme of the skit was to show the importance of a teacher in a student’s life.




Live Wednesday magic is an activity of Art Circle which would continue for the entire academic year.

On different occasions there is importance for specific colour,Art Circle would announce the colour that symbolizes any occasion and the students would follow this colour as dress colour code on upcoming Wednesday after the occasion.

The different colours that Art Circle announced for this semester were::

  • BLUE


Yellow colour code was observed on the Wednesday after friendship day where yellow symbolizes friendship.

Blue colour code was observed on the Wednesday after Rakshabandhan day.

White colour code was observed on the Wednesday after International Peace day where white symbolizes peace.

The colour code would continue for occasions for next semester as well.